Characteristics of Activity Based Learning

The key Feature of ABL method is that used child-friendly educational aids foster self-learning and allows a child to study according to his/her aptitude and skill. Under the system the curriculum is divided into small unites, each a group of self Learning Material (SLM) comprising attractively designed the study cards for English, Marathi, Maths, Science and Social Science. When a child finishes a group of cards, he completes one "milestone". Activities in each milestones include Games, Rhymes, Drawing and Songs to teach a letter of word, from a sentence, do Maths and Science, or understand a concept. The child takes up an Exam card only after completing all the milestones in a subject.

If child is absent one day, he/She continues from where he/she left unlike in the old system where the children had to learn on their own what they missed out on.

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