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Principal's desk

Mrs. Mala Sood

D.K.T.E Society was founded by Mr. Dattajirao Kadam and his associates in the year 1982 with the purpose of improving human capital... more

Welcome to D.K.T.E. English Medium High School

The School took off with an initial strength of 49 students. There were 4 teaching Staff and 2 non-teaching staff. The first Principal of the School was Mr. A. B. Kallannavar. Today we are running our school with 615 students and two sections each.

D.K.T.E. English Medium High School believes that learning is the self involvement of the students and the purpose of education is to instil in the students passion and excitement to discover and learn.

Our Mission:

  • To enable the students to have a complete living.
  • Focus on the overall development of the students' mental, physical, character, cultural, moral and social aspects.
  • The mission of self-realization, enjoyment, training to citizenship etc.
  • To enable the students to be economically self-sufficient, making them worthy and contributing citizens by providing the vocational education.
  • To provide for the value based, meaningful and productive learning that aims at emotional maturity and integral personality..
  • To impart basic human values of peace, love, justice, compassion and community mindedness and a life of gratitude in the younger generation.