Co-Curricular Activities


Co-curricular Activities are an indispensable part of education. D.K.T.E. English Medium High School trusts that a healthy mind exists only in a healthy body. To achieve this, the school conducts Annual Sports every year in the month of December. Students are trained for both team events and individual events.

Team events include Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Dodge Ball, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis etc.

Individual events includes track events, aquatic events, shot-put, javelin-throw, discus throw etc.

This helps to refresh the mind and body of the children.

Our students are also encouraged to represent themselves in sports events right up to State and National levels. Students have upheld the name and fame of our school by showing good performances in Badminton at National level and Shot-put, disc throw, Tennis.

Slow Cycling Competition

Kabaddi Competition

Yoga Day

Kho Kho Competition

Welcome & Facilitation of National Players

Welcome & Facilitation of National Players

Welcome & Facilitation of National Players

Welcome & Facilitation of National Players


Ask any school-age child about the highlights of their school life, and it's very likely they'll mention a trip to a wildlife centre, a camping weekend or a theatre visit. This emphasises the importance of School trips.

School trips are important:
  • Students draw conclusions, make predictions and practice making environmentally responsible decisions.
  • Students acquire knowledge, clarify thinking, synthesize information and enhance historical thinking.

Our school arranges Educational Trips in the month of November-December, which enhances the geographical and scientific knowledge of our students and refresh their minds.

Raigad Fort



Ramoji Film City- Hyderabad