Competitions & Achievements

Competitions are when one person tries his best to do something better than other person so that -he can win.

D.K.T.E. English Medium High School conducts various Competitions. These include both Internal as well as External competitions.

The School arranges for a number of In-house competitions like essay, debate competitions, extempore speech competitions, handwriting competitions, rangoli, floral arrangements etc., to boost the competitive spirit among the students.

Every year Annual School Sports are held in the month of December. Students of four houses viz. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, take part in various events. It is here the students get the necessary scope to excel and elaborate their talents in various events. Play grounds teach the students qualities of team spirit, co-operation, grit and sportsmanship.

The Academic-Competitions give the students a chance to express their hidden talents, develop stage daringness and art of public speaking.

Our students also participate in innumerable outside competitions that include academics, sports, and cultural competitions powered by outside organizations at city, taluka, district, state level etc. and have come in flying colors

N.T.S. Scholarship Awardee
State level winners of science project
Scholarship Awardees, Secondary school scholarship
Scholarship Awardees, M.T.S.Exams
19 years of 100% School Result S.C.C. Examination
19 years of 100% School Result S.C.C. Examination
Science Exhibition
Science Exhibition
Sports Quiz
Rangoli Competetion
Science Quiz
Drawing Contest