School Infrastructure


D.K.T.E. English Medium High School occupies a total area of Sq.mts. A well built U shaped building which has full-fledged infrastructure provides all the necessary amenities to the staff and students.

Principal's Cabin

The school has a separate cabin for the principal near the entrance for easy access to the visitors. Besides which there is a cabin for the senior and junior clerks.


The school has large, spacious class rooms that are well lit and aerated, with all the facilities like blackboard, table, chair, comfortable benches for the students. Every class has facility for Edu-comp Smart class, a unique learning facility for children, authentic place for the kids to give a flight to imagination. The positive vibes that one can feel within the walls can makes learning here, as fun and enlightening. Every class room has fans, emergency light etc.

Science Laboratory:

Knowledge becomes complete when students enjoy doing what he/she has learnt in the classrooms. Laboratories help the students live the subjects. For this the school has a well equipped Science Laboratory with modern equipments for performing science experiments to gain hands on experience in the science subject.


No school is complete without a good library. Our school has a spacious library stocked with a huge collection of books, Encyclopedia and magazines, the school library provides as perfect atmosphere for the students to drench themselves in knowledge. This has enriched the knowledge of both the students and the faculties.

Computer Lab:

To get an extra edge and be in competition with the outside world in this IT age the school also provides well equipped computer labs with the latest of the computers and interesting software that inspire the students to think beyond the set boundaries and install a great deal of imagination and motivation.

Multimedia Facilities:

Edu-comp Smart Class is an innovative comprehensive solution designed to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. Computer aided learning system is introduced for Std. V to Std. X.

Music Room:

Music is taught as a subject to the students from V to VIII class. Students learn how to use different musical instruments along with singing. A separate room is provided to keep the musical instruments.

The students of our school are also the members of D.K.T.E.society's "Bal Vadya Varand" a musical band comprising of the students of various branches of school under the society. This gives them opportunities to explore their artistic aspirations. The students of this band perform their concerts at different places within and outside the state.

Staff Room:

The school has a separate staff room for the staff with facilities like tables, chairs, cupboards, water facility etc.

Bus Facilities:

Comfortable bus facility for all important routes in the city and nearby areas is provided by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. The students come to school from nearby villages namely Hupari (12 Km.), Rendal (9Km.), Korochi (8 Km.), Kabnoor (8Km.), Tardal (10 Km.), Hatkanangale (9 Km.), Rangoli (7 KM.), Takawade (5 Km.), Shirdon (8 Km.) etc. Local students use their private conveyances.


Every student has an insurance cover for any accidental mishaps and loss of Life from Bajaj Alliance.


School arranges for the periodic medical check-up of the staff members and the students from the Govt. Hospital.

Other Facilities:

The school has independent toilet facilities for Boys and girls and separate for the staff. The school also has Water purifier and cooler installed to provide good and clean drinking water facility for the students and the staff.